Adjusted Hockey: Re-Launch

All-time player rankings and a PPS Card generator have arrived! One year ago when this project launched, each player in NHL history had been ranked and tiered against a Hockey Hall of Fame standard. To find the rankings, however, you had two options: compare PPS Player Cards shared on social media, or swing by my… Continue reading Adjusted Hockey: Re-Launch

2023-24 is Critical to These Five Hall of Fame Cases

The fresh canvas of an 82-game schedule launches today. For some players, it's a blank slate, years of NHL action on the horizon. For others on the back nine of their careers, hockey immortality is at stake. To kick off the new season, we're counting down the five Hockey Hall of Fame cases for which… Continue reading 2023-24 is Critical to These Five Hall of Fame Cases

Brad Marchand is One of the Most Underrated Players in NHL History

When the Boston Bruins named Brad Marchand its 27th captain on Wednesday, there were two logical ways one's mind could go. The first was that Marchand, a franchise fixture entering his 15th season in black and gold, was the heir apparent and most sensible candidate. The second thought drifts elsewhere -- to the theatrics, the… Continue reading Brad Marchand is One of the Most Underrated Players in NHL History

Daily Faceoff Series: 2023 Hockey Hall of Fame

Series released May 9 to June 20, 2023 at Daily Faceoff: 1️⃣ Should six outstanding seasons get a player into the Hockey Hall of Fame?Featuring John LeClair 2️⃣ Do post-playing careers affect our view of Hockey Hall of Fame cases?Featuring Rod Brind’Amour 3️⃣ How important should team playoff success be to a Hockey Hall of Fame… Continue reading Daily Faceoff Series: 2023 Hockey Hall of Fame

HHOF Profile: John LeClair

This is the first in an upcoming series profiling the most intriguing HHOF cases. These profiles will focus on eligible candidates and will ramp up leading to the June announcement of the 2023 HHOF class. You can find an earlier post on 2022 inductee, Daniel Alfredsson, here. The HHOF Narratives 🎭 Big Proponent: "A dominant,… Continue reading HHOF Profile: John LeClair

Should 2 Stanley Cups Get a Goalie into the HHOF?

Since launching the Adjusted Hockey project, a pair of goaltenders -- Mike Vernon and Chris Osgood -- are frequently in my Twitter mentions. Aside from being fixtures in Red Wing folklore, what do they have in common? Each won a pair of Stanley Cups as a starting goaltender. Each has had their HHOF case passed… Continue reading Should 2 Stanley Cups Get a Goalie into the HHOF?

Hall of Fame Teammates

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane recently became only the 11th set of teammates to play 1,000 games together. Both long-time Blackhawk stars are going directly to the HHOF upon retirement. Today, we're answering the question: How rare are HHOF teammates in today's 32-team NHL? As always, PPS will be our lifeline as we search… Continue reading Hall of Fame Teammates

HHOF Profile: Daniel Alfredsson

The HHOF Narratives 🎭 Big Proponent: "A consistently lethal scoring threat, leader, 13-year captain and two-way force raised the Senators franchise to relevance and carried Sweden to Olympic gold." Big Opponent: "Overrated forward with no signature seasons or meaningful hardware beyond his rookie year never led underachieving Senators to a Stanley Cup win." The Basics… Continue reading HHOF Profile: Daniel Alfredsson

High Noon

Picture a hockey player at their absolute best. That sweet stretch somewhere between an unpolished apprenticeship and the first signs of betrayal of one’s physical gifts. Prime. Pinnacle. Heyday. The peak of their powers. Regardless the descriptor, this is a revealing point in both a career and a Hall of Fame case. Yet, it's a… Continue reading High Noon