Welcome to the Adjusted Hockey project!

The Concept

The Pidutti Point Share (PPS) system is a comprehensive measure of Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF) worthiness expressed in a single number. Using the methodology, each player in NHL history can be ranked and compared to a HHOF standard based on era and position.

The Need

The HHOF’s Selection Committee executes its election procedures confidentially, only announcing the names of that year’s inductees. Since the individuals nominated and the voting results are not disclosed, there is limited interest or input in the process from fans and media outside of announcement and induction weeks.

By creating a systematic approach to player valuation throughout NHL history, this project seeks to generate meaningful ongoing public discussion of the HHOF process and its results.

The Vision

  • The PPS system evaluates every NHL player in history on a level playing field using a data-driven approach.
    • While no approach can incorporate every element of an individual’s career impact, the methodology uses neutralized information to account for the evolution of the NHL’s scoring environment, season length, roster size, demographics, and playoff structure.
  • By doing so, a player’s HHOF case can be more fairly assessed, limiting subjectivity, and improving the induction standard for the sport’s highest honour.

The Project

As far back as I can remember, this is a journey I’ve wanted to take. A hazy idea in April 2020 during the first of many COVID-19 lockdowns became a 100,000-word draft of a book, evolving into this abridged website and companion Twitter feed (@AdjustedHockey) — collectively the Adjusted Hockey project.

Together, we’ll recalibrate long-held views of players, shedding light on what the raw numbers of the NHL’s history pages cannot express. We’ll explore context-based statistics from We’ll create new measures to place the 8,000+ players from the NHL’s foundational 1917-18 season to the present day on equal statistical footing.

Using PPS as a career evaluation model, we can isolate individuals for comparison. This allows us to dive into the best of the NHL’s all-time best, explore past, present, and future HHOF selections, create revised top player lists, and, most importantly, have a comprehensive go-to methodology for any player we want to highlight. This canvas provides limitless opportunities for exciting and interesting hockey analysis.

The Site

  • A high-level view of the project, PPS system and player cards are featured via the “About” menu anchored at the top right of the site.
  • * New for 2023! All-time player ranking leaderboards by PPS score can be found in the “Rankings” menu, including The Inner Circle tier and FAQ guide.
  • New content will be regularly posted under the “Blog” section, including planned series on all things HHOF, and fresh lists and analysis of all-time greats across generations.
  • Adjusted Hockey’s media features, appearances and articles will be listed in the “News” menu.
  • A bank of key statistics used through the project, a summary of the HHOF methodology, and data points for every NHL season can be found under the “Glossary” menu.
  • The site will grow as the project finds its voice based on the needs of you, the user.

I’m thrilled to have you along for the ride.