PPS Player Cards

With our approach to evaluating each player in NHL history established, how will we bring the results to life? Let’s meet the PPS player cards. These cards are the canvas for the Adjusted Hockey project, profiling each player’s career, place in history, and ultimately, their HHOF worthiness using a data-driven approach.

The Community

Hockey’s online community is familiar with many stylish player visuals — images that have ushered the modern analytics movement into the mainstream via social media.

Pictured below are how some of hockey’s top public analysts illustrate Nathan MacKinnon (clockwise from top left): The Athletic via Dom Luszczyszyn; JFresh; Andy & Rono; HockeyViz; and Evolving Wild. As the PPS system increases its visibility and gains a public following, this is the elite company that Adjusted Hockey hopes to join.

The Cards

PPS player cards have three major distinctions from the current landscape of player profiles:

  1. The cards are not limited to those players in the analytics age of 2006-07 to the present. Since the PPS cards do not use advanced data points, every NHL player in history — from Maurice Richard to Sidney Crosby — can be profiled.
  2. The cards cover a player’s entire career. The PPS cards are not a live projection tool, nor do they highlight specific season(s). As a result, each card encapsulates a player’s full career, as of the most recently completed NHL season.
  3. The cards focus on a player’s place in history, specifically their HHOF case. The PPS cards rank a player both within their era and all-time, presenting the individual’s HHOF case against the standard. A snapshot is created that can instantly fuel public HHOF discussion.

The Example

The Visual

If you’ve been reading along, most of the details in Patrick Marleau‘s example card above have already been highlighted in the About section of the site. Let’s bring it all together.

The primer below serves as a guide for the information within a PPS card, using Patrice Bergeron as the poster boy. This PPS card primer will be a commonly cited reference. By clicking on the image, a larger version is available to view.

The Takeaways

Bergeron’s PPS card expresses the following highlights:

  • As an Era 4 forward, the HHOF standard for Bergeron is 235.
  • Bergeron comfortably exceeds the standard with a PPS of 262, placing him in the qualified tier of HHOF worthiness. The methodology identifies him as a clear HHOFer.
  • Among forwards, his PPS score is 39th in Era 4, and 65th all-time.
  • In an 82-game season, Bergeron averages 70 points after adjusting for era, playing the equivalent of 15.6 NHL seasons (through 2021-22). Read more about Adjusted Pace here.
  • Over any three-season period, Bergeron peaks as the 8th-best forward in the NHL. Read more about High Noon here.
  • Bergeron’s PPS score places him in the 98th percentile of Era 4 forwards.

PPS cards are a powerful visual tool to objectively summarize a player’s career and HHOF case.

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All other data from Hockey-Reference.com