Adjusted Hockey: Re-Launch

All-time player rankings and a PPS Card generator have arrived!

One year ago when this project launched, each player in NHL history had been ranked and tiered against a Hockey Hall of Fame standard. To find the rankings, however, you had two options: compare PPS Player Cards shared on social media, or swing by my house and ask to borrow my laptop. Both options were a lot to ask, and the winters get pretty chilly in Northern Ontario.

Interest in the project grew quicker than a full-time accountant finding his way in hockey media could have ever hoped. So, Adjusted Hockey had its limits. For new ideas to grow, they need to be accessible. This “re-launch” is designed to do just that — provide you access. Here’s what to expect:

✅ All-Time Leaderboards

At the top right of this site, you’ll now find an exciting new menu: Rankings. These are the PPS system’s all-time player rankings by position. You’ll also find a page identifying the prestigious Inner Circle tier — the 40 greatest NHL players in history per PPS.

The best part about having a comprehensive score for every NHL player is fueling debate. To help drive that bus, the leaderboards are fully sortable and filterable by era and HHOF induction status. While I’m biased, it’s very easy to get lost playing with these rankings.

  • Who are the greatest forwards of all-time?
  • Who are the top players outside the HHOF?
  • Which active defencemen are above the HHOF standard?
  • Which post-expansion goalies had the best seven-season peak?

All-time player rankings have never been presented like this before, and it’s a lot of fun.

The leaderboards are limited to the top 200 forwards, 120 defencemen, and 80 goaltenders in NHL history. Why?

✅ Patreon

I’ve spent thousands of hours on this passion project, and have created a Patreon page. By subscribing for ~$4 CAD/month (~$3 USD), you’ll both support this project and gain access to the PPS Player Card Generator. It’s the first of several planned subscription perks and player card sets, providing you a custom Google Sheet where you can type any player in NHL history’s name and instantly generate and share their PPS card. For those familiar with JFresh’s sensational work, the Patreon setup is similar in how you request access after subscribing.

You can simply enjoy the leaderboards on this site, or gain full access via Patreon below.

📘 Additional Resources

As a companion to the leaderboards, please read the All-Time Ranking Guide, which features both past and anticipated questions on PPS and these rankings.

Enjoy the re-launched and fully accessible Adjusted Hockey project!
and consider subscribing at the button below ⬇️

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